Freedom Of Animals

Photos By: Yours Truly

I met designer, Morgan Bogle at a party and immediately bonded with her over our mutual love for animals. Hearing about how she used to work at animal shelters and rescued her adorable baby, “Sugar” the pitbull in these photos, I knew she’d become a friend of mine

‘Freedom Of Animals’ is an eco friendly, animal free, sustainable handbag line made from recycled plastic and made with love right in NY, that will eventually evolve into something even more. Unfortunately, in our society a lot of us don’t realize or just avoid seeing what will happen to this world if we run out of animals. Beauty will go away and the world will come to an end if all of our furry friends and not so furry friends disappear. Who wants that to happen? I surely do not. We need to see a change and make a conscious effort to try and change this. I myself am guilty of wearing leather and think that many more designers should make a change and switch to a different method of design, like Freedom Of Animals, that way we can all make this transition and steer away from wearing real leather or furs. I think Freedom Of Animals can be slightly compared to Celine but who needs to compare. These beautifully structured handbags made by Morgan Bogle and Scott MacDonough can be worn from day to evening. Morgan who is a stylist as well wanted to create a bag that would be good for a girl who carries multiple items throughout the day, and she did so by compartmentalizing in each bag. Check out all of the styles and please make a change!


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  1. I love this brand – I found your amazing photos while searching for pictures of Morgan to put in one of my blog posts. I think she’s very stylish and the brand is gorgeous (and her dog is too cute!). I had a look around your blog and I LOVE it! I’ll definitely follow you!

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