Bahama Mama

Sara Dinkin-Knot Sisters 2Sara Dinkin-Knot Sisters
Sara Dinkin-Knot Sisters 3I arrived at the Grand Isle Resort and Spa, a few days ago, and it has forced me to do absolutely nothing, except chill and indulge in the aqua waters.
This “Oceanside” romper by Knot Sisters could not be better suited for this vacation. It’s the most perfect, relaxed, and laid back look to become a “Bahama Mama” out here.

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Dreaming of India


00122_17, Sri Lanka, 1995, SRILANKA-10075NF2. A young man walks behind an elephant.Coffee_Bookretouched_Sonny Fabbri 10/15/2014


I don’t know about you but I find most of my inspiration from nature as well as architecture.
I have never been to India but I am really itching for a bright, bold and beautiful excursion there, one day, in the nearest future.
It really seems like such a sacred, holy place to visit. The energy seems as vibrant as it’s majestic scenery, not to mention I definitely love the taste of Indian food. I’m going to start pinning away, and really taking notes and tips on where to visit in India.

Please do reach out if you’ve been, and share with me your favorite places to explore in this incredible Country!

(All Photos were borrowed from Pinterest)


MTV Movie Awards- Best Dressed


Cara Delevingne surely took home Best Dressed yesterday Evening at the MTV Movie Awards.
This Balmain ensemble totally slays and I absolutely love the Hoorsenbuhs touch, and pointed toe Jimmy Choo’s. This look is up to par, just the right amount of sexy, sleek with a side of Tomboy that she usually carries. Not to mention her matte smoky lip, and side parted hair is HOT!


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