Chanel Paris-Dallas Métiers D’Art Show

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Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 10.07.58 AM
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 On December 11th, Texas was graced with exquisite Fashion by no other but the amazing Karl Lagerfeld and his 2014 Collection held in the Dallas Fair Park. Guests were greeted with collectible cars from the 50’s and Southern style food. These cars were parked for a drive-in movie setup, where a short film was playing about Coco Chanel in 1954 called, “The Return”.

Some of the celebrities that attended the show were; Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart, Lily Collins, Alexa Chung, & more.
Followed by the film, Karl presented Chanel’s 2014 Pre-Fall collection with a scattered with hay setup that stood for it’s Western theme that was a total mock of what the Wild West would have been. The models strutted down the barn-esque runway in Chanel’s favorite, tweed, as well as fringe, feathers, denim and classic pearl’s. The hair detail was my personal fav, I mean c’mon folks who doesn’t love a Chanelbow created from the models own long blonde hair..
Kristen Stewart will be the cover face of this campaign and it will be shot personally by Lagerfeld. It is set to come out in May!


What are your thoughts on this western themed collection?


Fast Forward Friday


I am going to Maui on December 19th, and all I can do is think about speeding up the clocks and searching for my daily outfits.. Mara Hoffman, I nearly fell off my seat this past Fashion Week in New York when I saw your “Rainbow” Spring14 collection, and now I think I’m actually on the floor and salivating over your “Devotional” Collection. I now have something else to speed the clocks up for…You have really outdone yourself…This all dressed in white wandering gypsy meets, Game Of Thrones-esque, desert shoot is so beautifully shot.. I’m sure Daenerys Targaryen wishes she could wear these pieces ;)

These snowy white garments and the synergy of each of these editorial/lookbook photos,
have me truly inspired for days. You are quite the power woman and such an inspiration.
Claps for you Mara...
‘m probably not the first and won’t be the last to repost these images.
You can shop the collection in 2014.