Dietch PR Showroom


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Photos By: Yours Truly

Today, I pranced on into Dietch PR, everyone in there was so genuine and attentive to me..Between the wood and the exposed brick inside of this showroom, this is probably one of the coziest ones I’ve been to.
I was given a little tour of some lines I’m quite familiar with and got acquainted with a few new lines that were foreign to me. Dietch PR is located on Santa Fe street in downtown Los Angeles, and is owned by David Dietch. This wonderful showroom not only carries fashion labels but also holds an art space and a place to shoot pieces. Dietch PR is all about finding unique brands and working diligently on each brands outreach. Photos to come of some of my new outfits that I put together from this showroom!

Below is a list in order of a few of the brands in the showroom that I loved and photographed:

(Beso Beso/ In My Air/ Chaser/ Kahlo/ Rich&Skinny Jeans/ Kristen Elspeth/ Piper Gore)


Georgia Varidakis- Jewelry Designer


Photos by: Yours Truly

I met Georgia Varidakis at Artist & Fleas which I talked about previously, it takes place every sunday in Williamsburg. Her booth immediately reeled me in from across the room. She is really passionate about her jewelry and really puts love into each piece. When I purchased a knuckle ring with chain link and her “Faun” necklace, she told me the price, and my mouth dropped. Not only are her pieces great quality but they’re affordable. She proceeded to tell me, “my pricing is based off of what I would spend.” I truly admire her for that!

Q&A with Georgia Varidakis, the young and talented jewelry designer.

When did you start designing jewelry and how did you learn?
“I started in 2004 while I had an existing clothing line. I started out doing mostly one of a kind pieces and then learned wax carving and casting so I could make multiples. I’m mostly self taught- trial and error. I’ve also taken classes at the Fitzgerald school and private lessons”
What were you doing before jewelry design?
“I was freelancing as an assistant stylist, working retail/in a coffee shop, and I worked in the Gap’s color and concepts department.”
In one sentence how would you describe your line?
“Delicate pieces that are inspired by nature with a dark and romantic touch.”
What is your favorite metal to work with/wear?
“I love to work with sterling but my favorite metal to wear is Rose Gold”
Will you be at any shows this upcoming year?
“This July I will be in San Francisco and LA. In September I will be in Chicago for Renegade Craft and quite possibly, Vegas in August for a trade show.”
Tell me what it’s like sharing a store with Ryan Wilde and a brief description about her hats?
“IDA our shop, also houses our studio in the back of the store, so it’s great to work with another creative person so closely. Her pieces are all hand made and one of a kind. Ryan does custom ordered hats as well. Her hats are always the focus of an outfit.”
Is there one specific E-commerce site you wish to have your pieces on?
“I drool over everything on Bona Drag so that would be amazing.”

Check out Georgia’s fantastic pieces, and for custom work click here, and for beautiful custom hats contact, Ryan Wilde . Their joint store is called IDA and it’s located at 175 Roebling St Brooklyn, NY 

I am wearing: (Hat by Ryan Wilde/Brandy Mellville- Tee/J Brand-Neoprene pants/Bliss Lau/Body Chain/Georgia Varidakis- Faun Necklace)  




Shopping Bag

Some must haves at the moment, consist of;
1. Felyne– Vintage 80’s Sweater
2. Lulu Guiness– Black Perspex Lip Clutch
3. Quay Eyewear– 1521 Black
4. Bluelab-Black Reversible Jeans
5.Felyne– Rose Gold Skull Bracelet
6. Felyne– Double headed Aztec Bracelet
7. Miu Miu– Crystal-embellished Grosgrain Slippers

This is the perfect everyday look that’s transitional into a casual evening…

I am all about mixing less expensive purchases with pricier statement pieces.
I usually splurge on handbags and shoes because they are your best friends…
My grandma used to always tell me, “Never by cheap shoes, your feet support your entire body.”
Nobody can stand the girl that goes out and complains about her feet all day and night… (turn off)
Not everything in your wardrobe has to break your piggy bank though…
Go check out my good friend Lauren’s store-  where you can find more affordable items!

Happy Shopping!