Dress Up Weekend!

Okay…so clearly Halloween is coming up and everyone is talking about what they’re going to be.

Last year for most, it was recession costume shopping, a ton of people I know recycled items in their closets.

If you are looking to shop for less/be creative; I’d suggest going to places like;

Wasteland, American Apparel, Jet Rag, American Vintage. 

Google: people/things that are inspirational to you.

I’m over seeing: (slutty) everything…

Slutty bunny

Slutty cat

Slutty nurse

Slutty maid

Slutty, mcslutster….

That’s cool if you’re 18… But let’s be honest, less is more.

Save all that for after Halloween..

I think I’m going for the Old Hollywood look this year.

Sneak Peak Costume Idea:

Ann Margret– in Bye Bye Birdie

[youtube /rS38PiZ2-RA = 400×400]

Favorite scene in the movie.

Photos of my outfits will be posted after Halloween weekend.