Gypsy Thighs


Photos By: Lina Esco

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Gladys Tamez‘The Wren’ Hat
Spitfire Sunglasses- ‘Lennon Flip’
Cheyann Benedict Boyfriend Tee
Gypsy 05– ‘Glastonbury’ Drawstring Pants (Similar Option)
Gypsy 05‘Banjara Hobo Bag’ ON SALE! 

Looking for the perfect beach outfit? If you are one that doesn’t wear a bikini or swimsuit to the beach, or if you need a nice coverup this is simply a no brainer.

Here we go from top to bottom friends… Number one: This Gladys Tamez ‘Wren’ Hat, it is a perfectly constructed wide brim straw hat, that screams “Maui”.
Number two: ‘Lennon Flip’ Sunnies by Spitfire Sunglasses, these gold mirrored lenses with a silver lining are irresistible.  Number Three: Grab this ‘Boyfriend Tee’ by Cheyann Benedict, which you can knot like I did for a less oversized look.
Benedict was the previous owner of C&C… If you are familiar with her old line then you probably already know how extremely soft her tanks and tees are!
Number Four: These Gypsy 05 thighs I have going on ;) are a silk tie dye pant called the ‘Glastonbury’, hubba hubba…Turquoise and white compliment each-other really nicely. It was nice knowing you all.. I just moved into these pants and I can’t leave… Number Five: Last but not least is the, ‘Banjara Hobo Bag’ also by Gypsy 05, is a great traveling buddy for any girl like myself who is guilty of taking the whole kitchen sink with her… This multi-colored, double strapped hobo bag can pretty much be paired with any color!