TGIF Anton Heunis


Both pieces from the “Tsarnia” Collection.
Both pieces from the “Mood For Love” Collection.

I was introduced to Anton Heunis‘ jewelry at one of my favorite little boutiques, Les Pomettes on Robertson. I continuously wear my ‘Floral Motif’ multi-colored jeweled statement necklace, and will never be able to part ways. Anton is a master at creating the ultimate conversation piece. The bold colors he uses in his multi-faceted collection for Fall is breathtaking. I have lately found myself driven towards dainty jewelry but can always make an exception for Anton’s costume pieces.
“Anton Heunis is a global jewellery label that creates unique pieces, stocked in over 200 of the world’s most exclusive department stores and shops. Every design is handmade in the studio, located in the historical center of Madrid, with high quality materials. Rare vintage glass, Swarovski crystals and semiprecious stones are finely crafted to achieve a contemporary aesthetic with a timeless feel.”

Shop some of his styles here or here.