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Here are a few photos from the Cult Of Individuality, Blogger Campaign I did a few weeks back with the three lovely other bloggers; Hanna Beth, Melanee Shale, and Stephanie Liu. It was so great meeting them and getting to play dress up in an old vintage garage located right in Hollywood!
When Cult Of Individuality asked me to be a part of their #1cult, I was so thrilled to be able to promote a denim line that I love. Cult’s unique washes and comfortable fit makes them a check plus in my book and surely makes them outshine quite a few other denim lines that I have tried. Make sure you take a look at many other styles on!

Guess what everyone?? If you are looking for a pair of colorful denim for the summer, this could be your chance to win a FREE pair!!! Make sure you enter for your chance to win the teaser skinny cords I am wearing in a light mustard, similar to here. By doing so, make sure you re-gram my photo, and follow/tag @cultdenim and hash tag #1cult #cultincolor. The winner will be announced on August 1st, good luck!!
Make sure you also follow Cult on instagram/twitter @cultdenim and like their facebook page to find out about more upcoming promotions and to view daily inspirational photos!

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