Episode 5

Episode 5

I am so excited to share with you my favorite online radio podcast, Magic Transistor. Turn on, tune in and drop out throughout your day with this old feeling, online transistor radio that’s streaming all of my favorite oldies and other oldies that are extremely rare/difficult to find anywhere else. Ben Ruhe has an immense archive that he shares with us, along with; sonnets, speakers and artists. Make sure you follow their Instagram @magictransistor and most importantly their website www.magictransistor.com  so you can listen wherever you go and get latest updates. 


Cult In Color


hanna sara 2

Here are a few photos from the Cult Of Individuality, Blogger Campaign I did a few weeks back with the three lovely other bloggers; Hanna Beth, Melanee Shale, and Stephanie Liu. It was so great meeting them and getting to play dress up in an old vintage garage located right in Hollywood!
When Cult Of Individuality asked me to be a part of their #1cult, I was so thrilled to be able to promote a denim line that I love. Cult’s unique washes and comfortable fit makes them a check plus in my book and surely makes them outshine quite a few other denim lines that I have tried. Make sure you take a look at many other styles on www.cultofindividuality.com!

Guess what everyone?? If you are looking for a pair of colorful denim for the summer, this could be your chance to win a FREE pair!!! Make sure you enter for your chance to win the teaser skinny cords I am wearing in a light mustard, similar to here. By doing so, make sure you re-gram my photo, and follow/tag @cultdenim and hash tag #1cult #cultincolor. The winner will be announced on August 1st, good luck!!
Make sure you also follow Cult on instagram/twitter @cultdenim and like their facebook page Facebook.com/cultofindividuality to find out about more upcoming promotions and to view daily inspirational photos!

Also check out my fellow blogger friends below:
Hanna Beth – http://hannabeth.buzznet.com/user/
Melanee Shale- http://www.melaneeshale.com/
Stephanie Liu- http://www.honeynsilk.com/


Dietch PR Showroom


IMG_0089IMG_0085 IMG_0092IMG_0095
Photos By: Yours Truly

Today, I pranced on into Dietch PR, everyone in there was so genuine and attentive to me..Between the wood and the exposed brick inside of this showroom, this is probably one of the coziest ones I’ve been to.
I was given a little tour of some lines I’m quite familiar with and got acquainted with a few new lines that were foreign to me. Dietch PR is located on Santa Fe street in downtown Los Angeles, and is owned by David Dietch. This wonderful showroom not only carries fashion labels but also holds an art space and a place to shoot pieces. Dietch PR is all about finding unique brands and working diligently on each brands outreach. Photos to come of some of my new outfits that I put together from this showroom!

Below is a list in order of a few of the brands in the showroom that I loved and photographed:

(Beso Beso/ In My Air/ Chaser/ Kahlo/ Rich&Skinny Jeans/ Kristen Elspeth/ Piper Gore)



Sunday kind of love



Photos By: Sara Decou

Sundays for me are an excuse to lounge around my apartment and be a hermit. They are a nice day for cooking and being with friends that I love. Today, I slept in and rolled out of bed but of course made somewhat of an effort when slipping into my silk Rory Beca, V-Neck long sleeve dress with piping in Aqua. I have been on a somewhat clean eating program and prepared one of my favorite dishes for my friend, Sara this evening.

Ingredients for two:
1 Lemon
1 Avocado
1 Yellow Pepper
1/2 of a Jalapeno
1 Cup of Quinoa
Diced onions
Chili Flakes

Preparing the meal:
Cook 1 cup of the quinoa for 15 minutes (Let this boil while your washing and cutting veggies)
Soak Arugula with half of a lemon
Sautee two tablespoons of onions and then toss in chopped Asparagus. I usually add 4-5 Asparagus and sautee for about 5-10 minutes, until cooked all the way through.
Chop half of the yellow pepper
Dice one whole Avocado
Dice jalapeno
Add everything in then squeeze the other half of the lemon, and add chilli flakes.
Mix and serve!

Hope you enjoy this light healthy summer eat.

What I am wearing:
(Rory BecaV-Neck long sleeve dress with piping in Aqua/CatbirdRosegold Earcuff/CatbirdDark&Stormy Star Earring/Georgia VaridakisNecklace)


Kiss Kiss



Photos By: Dane Reindel 

I bought these pants a few months back when Yoko Ono came out with her menswear collection at, Opening Ceremony. The design aesthetic was based on her sketchbook from the 60’s. These ‘provocative’ to some, pants are actually for men, but I made sure to alter them and rock them. They are so soft and cozy with airway passages on the inseam. I am also wearing a Reformation razor back tack, and Henry Holland sunnies, Body Chain by Bliss Lau, and cuff by Nissa.



Soho(t) out


 Photos By: Lina Esco

Summer in the city. Holy moly it is a hot one today. I love all of your seasons though, New York. Let’s be honest I can’t trot around too far in these shoes but a nice stroll to dinner with someone walking at my short legged pace could be totally workable. Today I’m channeling Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde with my girly vivid pink(purple), S/S 13 Pico Romper by Kain Label here, and Camilla & Marc Fall 2013 beautifully structured blazer. My shoes are Saint Laurent and sunnies are vintage. Today is my last day in the city, Arrivederci New York… Back to LA I go ;(