Penelope Chilvers-To Shoe List

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 9.15.34 AM

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 9.15.34 AM
These ‘Dandy Needlepoint Slippers’ by Penelope Chilvers are the perfect Fall/Holiday shoes. The luscious hints of orange add a nice color blocking effect. Throw on a lovely black Pea Coat a pair of black jeans cuffed at the bottom and a basic top and you’re good to go.

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Look Clutch

Charlotte Olympia- Directors Clutch

Look ‘clutch’ at all different price points. I have listed these bags from Low To High. They need homes for Fall, so hop on them quickly, and just remember that it is ok to have fun with your accessories! 
Santi-Pom Pom Clutch
1.) This Pom Pom bag by Santi should be a walk down Arts&Crafts lane.. Who could pass up an oval shaped pom-pom bag with satin lined interior and a chain for comfort. This is a true rainbow dream. Get yours right here!
Freedom Of Animals- Chaye Clutch
2.) Want to stay away from wearing leather and appreciate a soft perfectly stitched clutch that is animal friendly, ethical and sustainable? This pouch-like, “Chaye Clutch” by Freedom Of Animals is made from recycled faux leather, it’s perfect as a working clutch, and you can also stick your ipad in there! Get yours here!

Wendy Nichol- Eye of Horus
3.) Wendy Nichol makes this eye opening pouch called the “Eye Of Horus”. This is perfect for throwing in your necessities and pairing with almost anything, and it will add protection to your belongings ;). Get yours here!
Tila March Clutch
4.) This perfect shade of Sapphire is a buttery leather texture with a flap in front and pale gold tone metal hardware. It has a loop so around the metal piece so that your contents stay intact. I have been eyeing this pretty one for a while. Get yours here!
Reece Hudson- Siren Lady Bag
5.) This guy is for the girls who like to play it safe in color but still rock a little edge. Reece Hudson is constantly killing it with his collections. This bag is dressed up with smooth leather, a dual flap, gunmetal hardware, and a gusseted interior separated by a leather flap. Easily should be a click away from in your shopping bag…. Get yours here!
Charlotte Olympia- Directors Clutch
6.) Maybe you’re not a director or maybe you are, now you can have great outfit direction with this ‘Take Pandora Perspex Clutch’ by Charlotte Olympia. Not only does Charlotte make the perfect work of art shoes, but now she goes the extra mile with her handbags. There is a hinge closed top, an additional pouch inside to store contents, and ACTION! Get yours here!

Which is your favorite?


To Shoe List™

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 8.10.42 AM

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 8.10.42 AM
Today’s “To Shoe List” is the best kind, because there is a sale on Shopbop !! If you are a size 36.5, 37, or a 37.5 snag these immediately. If I didn’t have such a baby foot I would be a hop, skip and away from getting these classic, Rag&Bone “Durham Boots”, that will have a long run do to their western style look, and their simplistic, brown shade. I’ve always loved this style boot, the elastic band is the best, no claustrophobic feet happening over here. There’s also a little help from friends such as; the leather strap detail and the perfect heel width and height.

Grab your Durham Booties now!

Don’t get discouraged my friends with bigger feet… There is much more on sale for you here!