Dancing Barefoot

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 Photos By: Ian Passmore

Top: Mademoiselle Pussy Bow Blouse designed by Nasty Gal /Sunnies: Sun Buddies

This shoot was inspired by Patti Smith and her dark, yet feminine song, “Dancing Barefoot”.
Patti was a true style icon in my eyes. Some know her for her book “Just Kids” with Robert Mapplethorpe, others know her as the “Godmother of Punk”, artist, feminist and poet. I truly believe she paved the way in the seventies for androgyny today, with her trendsetting style. I think her effortless Tomboy look was/is so sexy and appealing.
Patti never cares what anyone thinks of her and I think that’s what truly makes her a trendsetter and ultimately a badass rebel. This Nasty Gal “Mademoiselle Pussy Bow Blouse” can be worn with a pair of black trouser pants like I have shown, or it can be paired with a skirt and vest this Fall, for a more femme look.


Casually Dressed At The Temple Of Peace


Photos By: Lina Esco

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Hat: Gladys Tamez 
Dress: Cheyann Benedict
Flip Flops: HaviannasMetallic Flip Flops
Bracelet: Sarah RicheyLuida Druzy in Oxidized Silver

Two places worth checking out if you are in Haiku, are; ‘Temple Of Peace’, where you can find spiritual gems, jewelry, books, etc.. They also offer yoga classes, and a there is a masseuse and little spa on site.  ‘Maui Kombucha’ is the second place I would highly recommend checking out… They make their kombucha in house, and create delicious flavors such as; Pineapple Kombucha, Blueberry Kombucha, and also make tasty raw dishes like, Coconut Ceviche, Lavender Pie, Eggless Salad a ton of other yummies.